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MANHUABEI.COM It's a non-commercial two-dimensional sharing and exchange website from binso. Our intention is to study cartoon skills and composition methods based on cartoon lovers. It's not only a sharing and exchange platform to provide publicity and promotion of different comic cultures around the world, but also to promote and develop domestic original animation.

This site only provides Web page service, does not store any pictures, all comics are from search and capture, sharing by netizens, so that comics fans can study comics skills and composition, no download in any form! If you like, please support to buy genuine!

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漫畫唄是來自 新加波(binso)非商業性的二次元分享交流網站,我們的本意是立足於漫畫愛好者研究漫畫技巧和構圖方式,不僅是壹個提供宣傳推廣全世界各種不同漫畫文化的分享交流平臺,更致力於推動和發展國內原創動漫。




漫畫唄不接受任何廣告,謝謝 。

漫画呗是来自 新加波(binso)非商业性的二次元分享交流网站,我们的本意是立足于漫画爱好者研究漫画技巧和构图方式,不仅是一个提供宣传推广全世界各种不同漫画文化的分享交流平台,更致力于推动和发展国内原创动漫。




漫画呗不接受任何广告,谢谢 。